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Reading 2017 is coming to the Buhl Public Library!!!

are the dates

programs are on Wednesdays and start @10:00 and…are free!)

  • June
    7th – Kickoff with PBS!!!

  • June
    14th – AG Day

  • June
    21st Hagerman Fossil Beds

  • June
    28th   - 4-H

  • July12th
    -(Scouts are not just about cookies)

  • July
    19th – Finale “Eclipse Awareness”-Get free solar glasses while they last!!!

    more information call 543-6500




Join the Fun Club....Read!!! For Kindergarten through 5th.



    If you want to get me to read...ask me what I am interested in.

This library should have books about it!





Mondays after school until 4:30

What do we do???

Games! Book talks! Snacks! Special Programs! Make Friends


Have you read...

                                                       Image result for jenny nimmo henry and the guardians of the lost

Henry is twelve, but he hasn't aged a day since
the moment he was thrust a hundred years into the future. Now his
secret has put him in grave danger. Less than ten minutes after the
arrival of a mysterious letter, he’s on the run with his Auntie Pearl,
possibly never to return home. His only hope is the protection of the
Guardians of the Lost. Fans of Charlie Bone will love this gripping new
tale featuring Henry from The Time Twister.









































Popular in our library:

The Minecraft series

~An Unofficial Gamer's Adventure

1. The Quest for the Diamond Sword

2. The Mystery of the Griefer's Mark

3. The Endermen Invasion

4. Treasure Hunters in Trouble

5. Skeletons Strike Back

6. Clash of the Creepers

~An Unofficial League of Griefers Adventures

1. The Secret Treasure

2. Mystery of the Griefer's Mark

3. Griefer's Revenge

4. Return of the Rainbow Griefers

5. The Nether Attack

6. The Hardcore War









Some things that we have done in the past:

Kentucky Derby Hat program
International Book Festival
Christmas @ the library
Family Reading Week
Halloween Parties for all ages
Titanic skit
Reading to daycare children
International Cardboard Challenge
Christmas Caroling to Care Centers

STEM projects with the Discovery Center

(For all elementary-aged Children!!)